lutruwita Tasmania is a website worthy of being an overall directory of sorts to list organisations and individuals that are attempting to better the state we all live in. That is the objective of this website.

How do you improve lutruwita, the state we live in? By caring and getting involved with environmental land and environmental sea organisations, channeling your anger at lack of action on climate change and seeking justice for aboriginal communities.

Why does this website channel Facebook feeds from various organisations? Because for many organisations, Facebook is the predominant, if not only, channel available to them. Also, most organisations appear to update their Facebook page more frequently than their website. Remember, most of these organisations receive zero funding from the state government, unlike businesses, who can obtain grants when they are already profitable, or get access to public land at the cost of a few coffees per week. Not a level playing field! Where an organisation does have a website that has been found, it will be linked at the top of their Facebook feed.

This website consolidates many Facebook feeds, so the linked webpages may be a little slow to load. Best viewed on a desktop or laptop, or in portrait mode on a mobile device. is an independent website and not affiliated with nor owned by any of the organisations listed herein. discover lutruwita